Just Me and Two Wheels!

Hello everyone,

I’d first like to start by saying I am very excited to create a blog on bicycles. Bikes have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I hope my passion for bikes will have a positive impact on you and get you out riding!

For me, biking originated in my life when I was a little kid. I can still remember to this day being pushed in the grass for the first time without training wheels. Just like most kids in their childhood, I continued to ride my bike with friends building little jumps and seeing who could wheelie the furthest. It wasn’t until the eighth grade when my passion for mountain biking really began. The first real mountain bike I got was a Trek 820. My dad and I would ride almost every weekend, whether it was near my house or traveling to other states’ trailheads. For the next few years, my passion for mountain biking would grow. Two years later after getting the Trek, I saved up money to get a nicer all-around bike. This bike was called the Jamis Dakar XC. This bike was a full suspension bike, whereas the Trek was a hardtail, or just suspension in the front. Now, since I had more suspension I got more into jumping or what is called in the bike world “freeriding.” I progressed more and more and kept building jumps and trails all around my house. From there, I once again upgraded to a bigger and better “freeride” bike, the Cannondale Judge. Once getting this bike, it opened up a whole other genre of riding for me. This type of riding is called “downhill” and can be done at ski resorts. To this day, going to the ski resorts during the summer and riding the trails is my favorite thing to do. Some might think I am crazy, but I once again upgraded to another bike, a Specialized Demo 8, that is meant for the ski resorts and very steep, gnarly terrain.

Another huge reason why my passion for biking is still so strong is due to the fact that I worked at a bicycle shop for over two years. Not only do I get to be around the things I enjoy the most, but also getting to help others get involved in this great hobby. While at the bike shop, I did everything from selling bikes, gear, and parts to working on old and new bikes.

I look forward to future blog posts and hope everyone enjoys them!


One thought on “Just Me and Two Wheels!”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. It is cool to see how you gradually progressed in your passion. I look forward to reading more! Also, don’t forget to post your link to your blog on the discussion thread!


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