How to choose the right bike for you!

Hello two wheel enthusiasts,

In this blog post, I will be talking about the foremost important thing in biking, choosing the right bike for you. In today’s world, there are many different styles and brands, which can be very confusing to the beginner cyclist. The best thing to do if you are looking to get a new bicycle is to go to your local bike shop and talk with an expert.

The first step in getting a new bike is to figure out what type of riding you plan on doing. The main types of riding are road, mountain, or hybrid. In each of these categories, there are several different styles of bikes.

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Mountain Bike2146600_2017_a_1_fuel_ex_99_29

Hybrid Biketrek_bike_hybrid_7500

For instance, when choosing a road bike, you can go two ways. The first is if you plan on racing or wanting to ride at a faster pace. These kinds of bikes have a carbon frame, which is significantly lighter than aluminum or steel. The second is more of a touring type. These bikes can either have the drop bars or regular bars, which most people are familiar with, and either aluminum or steel frames. These bikes also have brackets throughout the bike that allow the rider to “trick” out the bike with racks and other things for long trips.

The next type of bicycle is a mountain bike. Like the road bikes, there are different styles of mountain bikes that are better for certain types of terrain. The first style is a cross-country bike. Cross-country bikes are either going to be a hardtail, just front suspension, or a full suspension, which is front and rear suspension. The amount of suspension on these bikes isn’t much compared to other styles. These bikes generally have bigger wheels (29 inches) compared to other styles of mountain bikes. With having big wheels, these bikes can roll over objects at slower speeds. The next style of mountain bike is an all-mountain/enduro bike. These bikes are only full suspension and have significantly more suspension travel than cross-country bikes. Many people use these styles as one bike to do it all. It can handle the cross-country riding and the downhill riding. These bikes usually run at a 27.5 inch wheel size. The last style of mountain bike is a downhill/freeride bike. The best way to describe these bikes is a dirt bike without a motor. They have lots of suspension travel and are made to handle any kind of rough terrain you throw at it. Generally, these bikes have the traditional 26 inch wheel so the rider has more control at faster speeds.

The last type of bicycle to choose from is a hybrid. These bikes have more of an upright position and are meant for casual riding. The majority of the riding done with these bikes are on tow paths or rails trails. These trails are generally smooth and not hilly at all.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next two wheel article!


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