Do you have all the right gear?

Hello everyone,

By this point, you have been informed about the different kinds of bikes and how to get the appropriate size for you. The next step before you can get those two wheels turning is choosing the right gear. Different kinds of riding require some different gear than others but there are some basic things that every rider should carry with them when riding.

The first and most important piece of equipment that every rider should have is a helmet. Whenever you ride this should be the first thing that you grab. Without wearing a helmet, if you were to fall or have an accident, you could experience severe head injuries. A lot of new riders buy a helmet when they get a new bike but many do not get the right size or right kind for the riding they will be doing. It is important to get the right size because if not, the helmet will not serve any purpose when it is needed. Also, depending on the riding you plan on doing, each type has a certain helmet that is best for the conditions. For example, mountain bike helmets cover more of your head due to the rough conditions that many ride on.


The next piece of equipment that is nice to have is a good pair of gloves. Although it is not necessary, in the case of emergency and you have an accident, having your hands protected is always a bonus. There are many different styles out there that cater to many different riders. Some gloves have a lot of padding while others are more for ventilation purpose while riding.


Thirdly, I always like to carry an extra tube with me when I ride. There is nothing worse than getting a flat tire during the middle of your ride and not having a spare. In addition to the tube, carrying a portable pump or co2 cartridge to fill up the new tube is a must.

The last piece of equipment that is good to carry with you is a multitool. There are all kinds of multitools out there ranging from ones that have only a couple uses to ones that have over 20! Whether your bike breaks down or your friend’s bike does, you can always save the day by carrying a multitool. You can either carry the tube and multitool in a small backpack or buy a little carry on bag that attaches to your bike.


Now you are all set to get those wheels spinning and don’t forget to bring the right equipment with you!


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