Trail riding in Virginia!

Hello bikers,

For this post, I will be talking about trail riding in Virginia. When people think of doing big mountain sports like snowboarding/skiing, mountain biking, or even hiking, they think of it mainly being out west in states like Utah and Colorado. They are wrong. We are lucky enough to live in the great state of Virginia, where we are able to still do all of those activities and do them in a pretty sweet environment.

For those of you that live in northern Virginia, there are several great trailheads that you can access in little time. The first place is called Andy Guest/Shenandoah River State Park and is located right outside of Front Royal, Va in a town called Bentonville. Andy Guest has a total of 16 trails that cover 23 miles. The trails consist of gravel paths to nice, flowy mountain bike trails. Some trails run right by the river offering a nice pit stop in the summer heat.


The next trail located in northern Virginia that is worth riding is located in Sherando Park in Winchester,Va. This trail loop isn’t long only being  3 miles in length but allows you to ride the loop several times. The terrain is similar to Andy Guest with a variety of hills and descents. This is a good trail for beginner/intermediate riders who are looking to get there mountain bike fix in.


The next trail is located  more south near Strasburg,Va. This trail is called Elizabeth Furnace and is more for the advanced rider. The terrain here is rocky and very aggressive with some steep, technical climbs. The trail is 15 miles long and will keep you on your toes the whole time.


Next is Carvin’s Cove. This trail is located right outside of Roanoke,Va and offers 30 miles of trails. Within these trails, any skill level of rider can enjoy the park and what it has to offer. There are some enduring climbs that take you to the top of the mountain for a fast and flowy descent. Carvin’s Cove is ridden by lots of downhill riders due to the Gauntlet and Trough trails.


Lastly and closest to Radford University is Pandapas Pond. Pandapas Pond has 34 miles of trails ranging from beginner level to advanced. Just like Carvin’s Cove, there are several trails that take you to the top and offer a view that is priceless. The downhill trail, Jacob’s Ladder, is personally my favorite and if I had the chance to ride it everyday I would!


Enough of me talking about riding, lets go do it! Stay tuned for more two wheel action!


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