Downhill Bike Parks!

Welcome back riders,

For this blog, I will be talking about the new craze in the mountain biking world, downhill bike parks. Bike parks have been opening up all over the world in the past several years. These parks are being opened up at ski resorts and offer lift access to the top of the mountain. The ski resorts are becoming four season resorts and can bring in large amounts of revenue in opening up a bike park during the spring, summer, and fall months.

The bike parks usually hire groups who specialize in building mountain bike trails and features. All throughout the mountainside, mountain bike trails are built. The trails use the same coding for beginner (green), intermediate (blue), and advanced (black) as they would for skiing and snowboarding. One of the main reasons why these bike parks are becoming so popular is because it is so easy to progress your skill in such a short amount of time. Before bike parks, if you wanted to ride a downhill trail, you had to hike the trail to the top or find a way for somebody else to shuttle (drive) you to the top. With this way, it was so hard to get more than just a run or two in. Nowadays, you can spend all day riding the park on all different trails getting as many runs in as your body could handle. Not too mention, the obstacles and features that are built at these places are meant to improve your bike handling skills.


Two bike parks that opened up recently in Virginia are Bryce bike park and Massanutten bike park. Both of these parks have all different kinds of runs from what many call “jump lines,” which consist of a trail with nothing but jumps all the way down, to really steep and technical trails. Both of these are located close to Harrisonburg, VA. Another popular bike located in Pennsylvania is Seven Springs. Seven Springs has been open longer than the others and has more trails here. The park is located right outside of Somerset, PA. Lastly, the biggest and oldest bike park that is in our area is Snowshoe. Snowshoe is known all over the east coast as having an awesome bike park. Riders from all over the country come here to compete in big races and ride. They recently opened a trail (Skyline) that is over 3 miles long with more than 5o jumps on it!


What is neat with all of these places is that they have a full service bike shop located at the resort where you can rent all the equipment you need to have a wicked day on the mountain!

Thanks again and stay tuned for the next post!



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