Buying Local vs. Online!

What’s up shredders,

Nowadays, online shopping is so easy. You can practically buy anything with just a quick search and the touch of a button. Most people don’t want to have to find a store, drive to it, and hope that they have the item you are looking for. It is so convenient to use your phone or computer and buy the same thing without leaving your house. Believe it or not, there are benefits to buying both online and local though.

In the biking world, the major thing buying online has in its favor is the ease of buying a product. Anything you are in the market for, all you have to do is a quick search. Most likely, you will find several places selling the same item that you are looking for. Also, depending on the bike part, bike shops might not have the part you are looking for. With so many bike types and bike models out there, it is impossible to have every bike part in stock. Buying online can also save you money. Some bike parts can get pretty expensive and having the local bike shop order it for you can be costly. Obviously, in doing business with them, the bike shop has to make a little money off it too. When buying online, you are cutting out this issue.

Although it might sound like buying online is the clear choice here, many still stand by supporting their local bike shop. Yes, they might not have the best prices and all the high end parts you are looking for in stock, but who is going to be there Saturday morning when you want to go for a ride and need a new tube or tire put on? When buying a bike, who online is going to help you get fitted and choose the appropriate bike? How are you going to know if the helmet you bought off Amazon is going to fit? All of these answers are your local bike shop. I can say from experience, that bike shops get taken advantage of. People come in and expect to get a better deal online and get mad when they don’t. If you are an avid biker, you won’t realize how important your local shop is until it is out of business. Who is going to work on your bikes then? Who is going to be hosting group rides after work? Yes, I have gone online and got stuff before, but every chance I get to support my local bike shop, I do. I hope you make that decision too!

Here is a link to an article by on why supporting your local bike shop is important!  Buy Local!


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